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Makeup Artist Licence Code

Describes the code, of license granted by the organization, accrediting the graduated makeup artist, as a certified professional with the skills  necessary to perform his job professionally as a make-up artist and beauty professional.

To give you a rough overview we would initially require an inspection of your make-up department and your curriculum. During this inspection we would meet your lectures and take copies of their individual qualifications and CV’s

Once we are satisfied with your make-up department’s set-up we would require a senior member of your teaching staff (if they are not already holding an MUALC qualification of their own) to attend one of our courses or you can arrange at your expense for one of our examiners to come over to your school.
All costs involved in this inspection and training will be paid in advance by the school to the MUALC.



There is also a one off setting up cost plus an annual membership fee. Each course will require an examiner from the MUALC to attend and mark the practical and theoretical examination of individual students at a specified cost per head.

There is a minimum payment for ten students per examination and a maximum of ten in any one session. All costs and expenses involved including the drawing up of contracts, (travel and hotel plus flights if applicable) will be covered by the school.


OPTION A – New set ups OPTION B – Existing schools
Required details:

  • Names of all directors involved
  • Present positions of directors
  • Any relevant qualifications held
  • Country and town of proposed site
  • Detailed plans and drawings of premises and class rooms
  • List of facilities offered
  • Outline of courses you wish to offer
  • Website address
Required details:

  • Company Name
  • Trading name of Company
  • Full address of premises
  • Names of all directors involved
  • Present positions of directors
  • Relevant qualifications of all teaching staff
  • Present qualification offered to students
  • Detailed drawings of existing or new premises
  • List of existing or new facilities offered
  • Outline of existing courses on offer and any new courses proposed.
  • Website address

If you want to be MUALC academy Accredited please send us the info to:


Personal Info

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If you already are a Makeup Artist

And want to have your MUALC Licence, just make the M.U.A.L.C. TEST for 200USD $ also can use, the Paypal method, and you have to approbed, or the value in BsS

The MUALC exam, validate your skills, and habilities to attend clients, and make the hight quality makeup work.

Tke yours today!

Send us a exam request to: fotoposevenezuela@gmail.com with your paypal payment and personal info, Country, age, names, ID or CI, all test out of venezuela, are made Skype via, or pressential if you require it, preview payment.


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